Sunday, November 14, 2010

A new species of squid has been discovered!

Dr. Vladimir Laptikhovsky has discovered a new species of squid this week belonging to the chiroteuthid group of families. Members of this squid group are generally long and slender and are capable of remarkable bioluminescent displays. Some also have club-like photophores along their arms which are believed to act as lures to attract prey (similar to the anglerfish). More than 70 species of squid have been identified from the seamounts cruise samples thus far. Incredibly, this represents in excess of 20% of the global squid biodiversity! More information regarding workshop findings will be posted tomorrow, the last day of the workshop.

Picture 1: Dr. Vladimir Laptikhovsky displays the new Chiroteuthis species.

Picture 2: A closer look at the new Chiroteuthis species.

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