Friday, November 20, 2009

Best science photo of the week / Meilleure photo scientifique de la semaine

Oddgeir's picture of a hatchetfish has been selected by Fox News as one of the best science photo of the week! Well done, Oddgeir!
Check it out!

La photo du poisson hachette prise par Oddgeir a été sélectionnée par Fox News comme l'une des meilleures photos scientifiques de la semaine! Bravo Oddgeir!
Jetez-y un coup d'oeil


  1. Wouaw, photo impressionnante.

  2. A warm hello to Sarah and Alex. I am with you all in spirit - absolutely thrilled to see this actually happening! Only things missing from the excellent blog posts thus far are sea-sickness reports - who has the strongest and weakest stomachs??